Thank you to judo dad Masa Okajima for this write-up on our results at EBJI 2017 last Sunday. On the adult side Jason Pollock did very well entering his first tournament at brown belt division, winning his first match before losing his next two. – Sensei Jonah.

It was a great day for all Oakland Judo kids at EBJI 2017: David, Jonah, Isaac, and Ronin.  David and Isaac were ironically placed in the same division, 7/9 yrs old – Yellow/While belt, 5 kids group.  Isaac took the 1st place and David did the 2nd place.

Ronin was allocated in the 4 kids pool, 8/9 yrs old – White belt division.  Just like the previous tournament, Ronin exhibited skilled and aggressive movements in the first 2 matches, which he won, although he had the first loss in a tournament in the 3rd match, which placed him in the 2nd place.

Jonah was placed in 8/10 yrs old – Yellow/White belt division with 3 or 4 other kids.  Jonah started competing in the last December, kept trying out several tournaments ever since, and finally had his very first win with IPPON, with beautiful Hiza-Guruma today, even though he did not receive a medal (top 3).

Kids did great and found several weakness that they need to work on (homework) without tears today.  Thank you for your support Sensei-Jonah and Sensei Aki.  I hope we can keep this momentum to the next tournament in October Albany!



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